Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Cover Ideas

I decided to create a book cover for a book called, They Cage the Animals at night.  I Took several pictures and this is the one I decided to use and run with.  I some how want to display the title sitting on the links of the fence as seen above.

As you can see from above, with a red Sharpie maker I wrote out the title cut them out roughly with an x-acto knife and scanned them into photoshop to be used and manipulated for the title.  I really like how it scanned in, it gives of a sense of depth to it.

This was what I thought would be my final cover but after meeting with our group i decided to make some changes.

This is my final book cover, as you can see I didn't have the shadows around the book so strait and mechanical, I also added a third finger and made the fence on the back cover the same as on the front.  I'm please with the way it turned out.

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